Well from Biblical Times

Well from Biblical Times

Why ‘The Well’?

Historically wells were places of refreshment; meeting places where people came together to exchange news and information.  An encounter between Jesus and a Samaritan woman at a well in Samaria was the starting point. For those who are interested in the Biblical base read John 4:1-26.  Created in 2006, our Well aims to provide a friendly, open-minded centre for our community to benefit from practical advice, caring assistance and companionable get-togethers.

Our History and Vision

The Well @ Lent Rise was initially established as an expression of St Mary’s Church, Hitcham Lane, Burnham desire to be an active part of the local community. This became an all year round way of interacting with that community and carrying out the same desire to love and serve them as God loves us and calls us to share his love with others.

In order to engage with a broader spectrum of the community and sustain the work that was being done, it became apparent that The Well needed to become a registered Charity. This allowed established projects to grow in the way that God was calling for them to. It also broke down some of the perceived barriers that some people had about ‘Church’ and opened the way for grants and funds from external bodies to be accessed.

Today, The Well @ Lent Rise continues to function as a Charity in its own right, working closely with other community based organisations in and around Burnham.

The Well @ Lent Rise continues to seek God’s presence in EVERY decision process, thus meeting those we encounter exactly where THEY are, whilst giving them a glimpse of the amazing God we know and love, whenever the opportunity arises.